Nordic Network in Geographic Information Science
"A Resource for Nordic Young Researchers in Geographic Information Science"
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The general objective of the NordGISci network is to promote research training for Nordic young researchers including PhD students, licentiate students and postdoctoral researchers. To reach the objective, we propose two major activities for the network:

The two major activities are organized in order to reach the general objective. Advanced training courses in GISci research will be organised once or twice a year. Apart from the research topics, other topics like research methods, writing skills and ethic aspects of scientific research could be part of special sessions for the training courses. These training courses will enhance communication and collaboration between young researchers, and between young researchers and senior researchers.

NordGISci is offering scholarships (up to 1000€ for each) to young researchers who come from Nordic Universities or Institutes and have a paper accepted by AGILE 2010 Guimarăes, Portugal.

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