NordGISci 2006
The First Nordic Summer School in Geographic Information Science
He is Senior Lecturer of Geography at the University Tel-Aviv and Deputy director the Environment Simulation Laboratory of the Porter School of Environmental Science of the University Tel-Aviv. He received his PhD in Mathematical Biophysics from the Moscow State University in 1984 and moved to University Tel-Aviv in 1991. Member of the editorial board of the Computers, Environment and Urban Systems journal, Head of the Urban and Regional Modeling working group of the AGILE - European Association of GIS Laboratories. His recent publications include Geosimulation: Automata-Based Modeling of Urban Phenomena, London, Wiley, 2004; Let’s talk objects: Generic approach to high-resolution urban modeling, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 2005, v29; Geographic Automata Systems and Urban Simulation, International Journal of Geographic Information Systems, v19, 2005; in addition he is the author of some 60 scientific papers. His current research interests center on object-based modeling of urban dynamics, modeling of sustainable development in Africa Sahel, analysis of high-resolution geo-referenced census data, modeling of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the city, development of the Geosimulation software.
A. S. Fotheringham
Christopher Gold
Itzhak Benenson
Bin Jiang
Itzhak Benenson
12-16 June 2006, Gävle, Sweden