NordGISci 2006
The First Nordic Summer School in Geographic Information Science

The workshop objectives are to 1) increase student awareness of Geosimulation theory and technology; 2) provide opportunities to design and construct Cellular Automata and Agent-Based models and investigate them with the appropriate software; 3) enhance student skills in investigating the dynamics of geographic systems with the help of the Geosimulation models; 4) generate enthusiasm and interest in using Geosimulation for studying dynamics of complex geographic systems.

This workshop will introduce participants with basic knowledge of Geosimulation theory and provide examples of Cellular Automata and Agent-Based models aimed at investigation real-world problems. It reviews a range of Geosimulation techniques and their implementation with state-of-the-art software. The current state of the geographic databases as sources of data for Geosimulation is reviewed. The main goal of the class is to become familiar with the essential methodological and practical issues that are involved in carrying out Geosimulation modeling and to gain hands-on experience in applying the Geosimulation techniques.

Workshop I
Workshop II
Workshop III
Workshop IV
Workshop III on Cellular Automata and Agent-Based Modeling
12-16 June 2006, Gävle, Sweden