NordGISci 2006
The First Nordic Summer School in Geographic Information Science

The objective of this workshop is to provide an overview of one approach to the modelling of spatial objects, including landscapes, within a GIS context. This course is primarily aimed at postgraduates in GIS/Cartography and Computer Science. The workshop is intended to provide a theoretical and practical framework for the development of 2D and 3D GIS applications. The emphasis will be on dynamic topological data structures, visualization and interaction. 

Lecture 1: Basics of Voronoi/Delaunay Algorithms, Graphs, geometry, 2D Graph data structures, models of space and the simple point Voronoi diagram:

Lecture 2: Advanced Voronoi/Delaunay Algorithms and Applications. The crust and skeleton, point deletion and Sibson interpolation, the kinetic point VD, and the 3D Voronoi diagram.

Lab 1: Demonstration software:

A variety of demonstration software products will be made available. These include: an interactive 2D DT/VD program; a line segment VD program; a Marine GIS demo; terrain modelling software, and a 3D VD package.

Lab 2: Terrain Modelling Project

In the afternoon there will be a class project. Students will have previously prepared a scan or sketch of a small simple contour map. The scanned image will be used to prepare a set of data points and a triangulated terrain model, and the resulting images will be submitted for review.

Workshop I
Workshop II
Workshop III
Workshop IV
Workshop II on Spatial Data Structures and Algorithms
12-16 June 2006, Gävle, Sweden