NordGISci 2006
The First Nordic Summer School in Geographic Information Science

This workshop is intended to (1) introduce topology as a foundation of GIS, and discuss why topology matters in spatial analysis, (2) introduce a topological paradigm for spatial analysis and modeling, in particular space syntax for urban systems, and (3) have an overall look to the topological analysis based on the emerging small world theory.

This workshop will introduce participants with basic principles of topological analysis based on a variety of topology oriented theories. Although topology is a foundation of GIS, functionality for the kind of topological analysis is rarely available in the current GIS. In comparison to geometric oriented analysis, topological analysis provides a new perspective toward uncovering geographic knowledge from massive geographic information. The workshop will start with why topology matters in GIS, and introduce topological analysis methodology for various geographic systems. In particular, we will examine how to set up a topology of spatial objects based on geographic information. To enhance understanding the principles of topological analysis and modeling, some hands-on exercises will be conducted using some specialized software.


Workshop I
Workshop II
Workshop III
Workshop IV
Workshop IV on Topological Analysis and Modeling
12-16 June 2006, Gävle, Sweden