David Martin is Professor of Geography at the University of Southampton, where he has previously served as Head of Department.  He is the Director of the Economic and Social Research Council’s Census Programme and a co-Director of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods. 

David’s interest in handling population data in GIS dates from his PhD at Cardiff in the mid 1980s when he began to use census data within computer mapping and GIS, coming to the conclusion that shaded area mapping was a highly problematic form of representation and going on to develop a method for the construction of grid-based spatial surface models of small area census data.  His interest in the challenges of handling population data in GIS led to the publication of Geographic Information Systems: Socioeconomic Applications (Routledge, Second edition 1996).  Since the mid 1990s he has been particularly interested in systems for automated zone design and developed a prototype for the automated zone design system eventually adopted for the creation of 2001 Census output geography in England and Wales. 


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