Workshop on 3D Geovisualisation and Geographic Exploration Systems

Presenter: Lars Bodum

This workshop will focus on the new trend within 3D geovisualization called Geographic Exploration Systems (GES). These are visualization platforms where you have access to geo-referenced information from global to local levels. Some of the more popular and prominent products are Google Earth and ArcExplorer. Here you will also be introduced to some of the more interesting open source projects that have emerged within this field. We begin with a focus on theory and the use of 3D in geovisualization. Then we move on to talk about the development in the last 10 years from Digital Earth to Geographic Exploration Systems. Specific examples from the development of a software platform for 3D geovisualization called GRIFINOR will be given. A GES for 3D geovisualization is, in contrast to an ordinary GIS, which for the most part handles surfaces and 2D objects with height information, a system that can store, retrieve, analyze, simplify, generate, and visualize spatial data that are generic 3D. Furthermore it allows user interaction with these data. GRIFINOR will be able to handle "soft" real-time demands as well as being application and device adaptable - that is the system will be module based and object oriented so it can be adapted to PDA's, PC's, mobile units and so on, without requiring alterations to the code of the applications. GRIFINOR is collaborative so that more than one user per session can experience and interact in the same virtual world. GRIFINOR is developed in Java. The different GES solutions will be given a comparative evaluation and the potential of these systems in future urban planning will be discussed. The participants will of course have a chance to work with some of these products for real. In the last part of the workshop the participants will go through a tutorial where they learn to set up a GRIFINOR server, access the GRIFINOR viewer from the web, handle the preferences/settings of the viewer and learn to use the navigation principles within GRIFINOR.

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The Second Nordic Summer School in Geographic Information Science
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