Workshop on 3D Geoinformation and Geo-Virtual 3D Environments

Presenter: Juergen Doellner

This workshop is intended to introduce concepts, methods, and techniques of 3D geoinformation visualization and geo-virtual 3D environments. In an increasing number of GIS applications and systems three dimensional geodata represents a core source that allows us to build 3D models of virtual cities and landscapes and, therefore, to present, explore, analyze, and simulate geo objects and phenomena. The underlying concepts, which fundamentally differ from those found in 2D, have their roots in computer graphics, scientific visualization, virtual reality. For geodata, however, these concepts have to be adapted or transformed to satisfy the specific requirements of geovisualization.

This workshop provides an overview of core topics in 3D geovisualization. The topics include: 1) Overview of 3D geodata acquisitation methods. 2) Components of geo-virtual 3D environments. 3) Exploration and navigation techniques in geo-virtual 3D environments. 4) Photorealistic rendering techniques for virtual 3D city models. 5) Non-photorealistic rendering techniques. 6) Standardization of city models based on CityGML.

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The Second Nordic Summer School in Geographic Information Science
11 - 15 June 2007 • Gävle • Sweden