Harvey J. Miller

Harvey J. Miller is Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography at the University of Utah. His research and teaching interests include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial analysis and geocomputational techniques applied to understanding how transportation and communication technologies shape individual lives and urban morphology. He is specifically interested in time geography; this examines individuals' allocation of time among activities in space and its implications for individual and collective spatial dynamics. Since 1989, he has published approximately fifty papers in journals, books and conference proceedings on these topics. He is co-author (with Shih-Lung Shaw) of the Geographic Information Systems for Transportation: Principles and Applications (Oxford University Press) and co-editor (with Jiawei Han) of Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Taylor and Francis) and editor of Societies and Cities in the Age of Instant Access (Springer).

Harvey serves on the editorial boards of Geographical Analysis , International Journal of Geographical Information Science, Journal of Regional Science, Transportation, URISA Journal and Journal of Transport and Land Use. He was the North American Editor of International Journal of Geographical Information Science from 2000-2004. Harvey is currently co-Chair of the Committee on Geographic Information Science and Applications of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), U.S. National Academies.