Tailoring maps for web-services

Lars Harrie

During the last years an increasing number of map-based web-services have been introduced. Some of the web-services are built on the OGC-standard Web Map Service (WMS). A limitation with most web services based on WMS, and similar, is that the only show pre-defined maps. In many cases the predefined maps are not sufficient. The map should, for example, often be generalized and the text labels should not cross the screen border.

This workshop is intended to provide an overview of methods for tailoring maps in conjunction to web-services. Specifically, the workshop will concentrate on the following issues:

• current direction in generalization and map labeling research,

• technical details about how maps can be tailored in web-services, and

• a demonstration of a map labeling algorithm.

The workshop will also provide some opportunity to hands-on experience.