Jiang B, and Jia T. (2011), Zipf's law for all the natural cities in the United States: a geospatial perspective, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 25(8), 1269-1281, Preprint, arxiv.org/abs/1006.0814.】

The shared data and source codes

1. Street node:
US [Text + Shapefile(754M)]
2. Natural city:
Alaska all resolution [Text + Shapefile(18M)]
Hawaii all resolution [Text + Shapefile(3M)]
Mainland resolution 400 [Text(551M)] [Shapefile(673M)]
Mainland resolution 500 [Text(452M)] [Shapefile(552M)]
Mainland resolution 600 [Text(382M)] [Shapefile(463M)]
Mainland resolution 700 [Text(337M)] [Shapefile(401M)]
3. Source codes:
[Source codes(143K)]
4. Readme: