The International Conference on Geoinformatics is the premier research forum for Geospatial Information Research. It commenced in 1992 in Buffalo, and has been held every year since. Meetings have been held in Beijing (1993), Calgary (1994), Hong Kong (1995), West Palm Beach (1996), Taipei (1997), Beijing (1998), Ann Arbor (1999), Monterey (2000), Bangkok (2001), Nanjing (2002), and Toronto (2003). This is the premier event being organized by the University of Gävle, together with the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Science. This conference is the first one of the series that will take place in Europe. We hope it offers an opportunity for all professionals involved in research and development of GIS, GPS and RS to discuss new theories and technologies around Geospatial Information Research.

(The green city Gävle: lithography by Anders Hultman )