For the replenishment of the lectures we got 3 exercises, which I want to present also on this website. The first two exercises have only been an analysis of two important topics of cartography - definition and geovisualization (Minard´s Map). The third exercise contains a creation of a map, which is linked to its legend and therefore a kind of interactive map.

Exercise 1: Definition of Cartography
"The art, science and technology of making maps, together with their study as scientific documents and works of art. In this context, maps may be regarded as including all types of maps, plans, charts and sections, three-dimensional models and globes representing the earth or any celestrial body at any scale." [Meynen, 1973]
This is a 30 years old definition, today still in use. But during this time the technologies have changed and with it cartography. To give a better definition which will represent cartography nowadays, the following terms should be appended: interactive multimedia and web maps in the context of virtual reality/environments, mobile devices and Internet.

»Exercise 2: Minard´s Map of Napoleon´s campaign on Russia in 1812«
This map is a really good example in which ways different modern visualization opportunities/tools can be applied on an old "handmade" map. By the way, this map is famous for the amount of information it conveys in such a limited space. At least 4 different variables are shown in this map.

»Exercise 3: Linked Map«

We should produce a map which is linked to its legend. The legend, as a two variable color scheme, shows the distribution or rather the connection between Agriculture and Industry in the different Swedish counties. It is an interactive map; because of its links it is possible to click on the legend whereupon the various matching counties will become evident. To translate it into practice I used ArcView. Unfortunately, there wasn´t a possibility to produce an output to show this interactivity on this webpage. Therefore I used screenshots to depict it.