During our course we have had 7 practicals. The results of the first 5 I will show you in the following. The sixth practical was an introduction into the producing of webpages, the seventh one has had the content to create and publish a map for the web using ArcIms Manager. Unfortunately, we´ve had problems with the server and were not able to finish it to get an output to show it here.

»Practical 1+2: Thematic Map«
Our task was to create a thematic map (choropleth map) with MapInfo using statistics from SCB ("Statistics Sweden"). The map shows the population density of the Swedish counties from the year 2000 (inhabitants per km²). You can see that the north of Sweden is less populated, while the regions around Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg have the highest population density.

»Practical 3: Flow Map«
As a counter to a choropleth map we should create a flow map with ArcView that visualizes the difference in the number of air traffic seats per week from one airport in Europe (Stockholm-Arlanda) to a number of other European airports (e.g. Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Oslo...).

»Practical 4: 3D Modelling«
By using the software Canoma we were teached the basic techniques to create a 3D model from 2D images. Our project was one building of Högskolan i Gävle (HiG), as a basis we should use 3 aerial photos. I chose house 21 "Oden" and in addition to the aerial photos I used 5 pictures (for a higher resolution) which I have taken on my own.

»Practical 5: Animation«
During this practical we created a program to model a colony of termites (using StarLogo). Therefore we needed termites and woodships (small blue rectangles) and functions to interact the termites with the woodships (searching for woodships, taking them and finding a place to put them).
At least we should produce an animation to publish it on this website by making screenshots and joining them together with MS Gif Animator.
While doing these screenshots I noticed that the woodships were dwindling away. The reason for this I found in the source text: whenever I pushed the button Stop/Go to make the sceenshots, the termites with a woodship lost their woodship...
So I decided to make a movie to show how termites build their termite-hill...